Area retailers see post-holiday return rush

For many retailers, the day after Christmas can be just as busy as the days leading up to the holiday.

That’s because many people rush out to use those gift cards they may have found in their stockings or fix some of Santa’s mistakes.

The National Retail Federation says almost two-thirds of people will make at least one return during the holiday season.

Valley View Mall’s Laurie Cafe says they saw more than their fair share of people shopping with gift cards and making returns or exchanges right away on Tuesday.

“They know that the store has the item they want, (and) maybe now that it’s after Christmas, that store has an extra special sale, so maybe instead of one item they get two items,” said Cafe.

Consumer Reports recommends you save all receipts and bring your ID if you’re returning an item in-store.

You should also keep a close eye on a store’s return policy, because some retailers only allow 15 to 30 days to make a return.