Area leaders meet to discuss healthier communities

4 years since Wisconsin went smoke-free in most public buildings

It’s been 4 years since Wisconsin went smoke-free inside most of its public buildings.

In celebration of the anniversary of the smoke free air law, health educators are hoping for more policies to improve public health.

Representatives from county health departments, local hospitals as well as lawmakers met Monday in Cashton to educate the public on how they too can make a difference.

Those in attendance learned about what they can do to make their community a healthier place.

They also had had the chance to speak directly with policy makers, learning just how important they can be for their communities. “We’re saving dollars when we prevent people from getting ill, and so that impacts our taxes, and our state government. We just want to make sure that we’re helping people connect the dots between their legislator and how they’re caring for their community,” said La Crosse Co. Health Educator Judi Zabel.

Organizers also hope lawmakers hear from people who want to help prevent risky behaviors by our kids.