Area lawmakers reflect on year’s accomplishments before sessions end

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Sessions are coming to a close for the Wisconsin State Legislature.

On Monday area lawmakers hosted a forum to reflect on the last few months.

They went over what’s been accomplished and what they are still working toward.

A popular topic was the transportation grant funding recently awarded to 152 local communities.

It will be used for projects such as roads, bridges, bicycle & pedestrian accommodations, railroads, and harbors.

Representative Steve Doyle says it’s a much needed improvement.

“We are in a crisis mode around the state, and probably around the country, in terms of failing infrastructure, and when it’s roads, you’re talking about potholes. When it’s bridges it’s a life and death situation,” said Rep. Steve Doyle, (D) – 94th District.

The Wisconsin State Assembly held its last regularly scheduled session on February 20th.

The Senate will be holding theirs later this month.