Arcadia makes it back to state despite heavy player turnover

ARCADIA, Wis. (WKBT)– For most teams, one trip to state is an accomplishment to be proud of, but Arcadia wasn’t looking to let heavy turnover on their team keep them from a second trip.

The team saw plenty of new faces join this summer, as roughly half of the players on the roster weren’t on the team last year.

But not all new additions are Freshmen and most have been playing with the team for years in leagues and pickup games.

With so much soccer going on in Arcadia year round, the game is a part of these players, and the town’s culture that allows for new talent every year that can reach great heights.

“Almost half the team are all new guys, we worked with each other all throughout the summer and even after the season ended,” said Senior Nathan Marticorena.

“Right away we told the underclassmen we want this again, we want to go to state again. I think just our chemistry and our friendship helps us.”

“Most important thing is being able to be with this team, being able to be with these coaches, it’s not just a team they’re a family. So it’s gonna be incredible. Especially going to state,” reflected Senior Kevin Cruz.

Arcadia is the only team out of the four who qualified last year to make it to state this season.