Aquinas girls basketball team full of sisters develops lasting bond, legacy

Aquinas has dominated Division 4 girls basketball of late, with four consecutive trips to state and two titles.

For this team, they don’t identify as title winners; they identify first as a family. Family means a lot to this group–literally. There are also three sets of siblings on the roster.

“We form half the team,” junior Bri Bahr joked.

Senior Kayla, junior Bri, and freshman Shea Bahr, senior Lexi and freshman Macy Donarski, and senior Taylor and sophomore Bailey Theusch all get to enjoy a full season on the court together. It’s something these sets of siblings haven’t gotten to do since they were much younger.

Said Shea, “My sisters and I and our entire family was [always] in the driveway and just shooting or ball-handling.”

Now that they’re at the varsity level and on a team with high expectations, there’s been plenty of older sis setting a standard for younger sis.

“Our practices definitely get a little competitive because we’re normally guarding each other,” Lexi Donarski said. “There have been a few little fights, but definitely a learning experience for both of us.”

“I really work hard to look at what [older sister Taylor] does and try to put that into my game too,” said Bailey Theusch.

“She’s always asking me for advice, so I feel like I try to be the best role model for her in that way,” sister Taylor said.

There’s a love and respect for each sibling group that transcends the game.

“I want to be like my sisters,” Shea said. “They’re amazing basketball players.”

“There will be nights where we’re sitting at the kitchen counter drawing up plays,” Kayla Bahr said. “It’s a lot of fun and it’s super special. It’s probably something we don’t appreciate now, but when we look back on it it’s going to be one of our favorite memories of high school.”

The memories won’t just be about winning titles; they’ll be about how several families, through hard work, can become one.

“For me, family is just always being there to support each other,” Macy Donarski said. “I think our team is a family. We help each other grow , and we push each other to be the really best we can be.”