Annual Truck and Tractor Pull comes to an end

Tomah’s population saw a temporary increase this weekend as the city hosted an annual event that draws people from all around the country.

Tomah’s 41 annual ‘Budweiser Dairyland National Truck and Tractor Pull’ wrapped up it’s annual 4 day weekend on Sunday.

Each year the event draws about 65 thousand people into the Tomah area, bringing in pullers and visitors from throughout the US, and some even from Canada.

While the pull remains Tomah’s most popular event, organizers say it’s hard to explain what draws so many people in.

“I often say that it is the noise, the smell of the fuel, the black smoke, the fire that shoots from the modified trucks at night, and the people that come back year after year after year that you get to see,” Marketing Manager for the Tomah Tractor Pull, Julie Zebro said.

The truck and tractor pull brings more than 15 million dollars into Tomah’s economy each year.