Annual Career Pathways gives students look into area professions

Included people in health sciences, public safety, and technology

Hundreds of middle school students had their school day at the La Crosse Center on Thursday.

They’re looking ahead to possible careers. It’s the annual career pathways.

Students from 10 area school districts choose from a variety of presentations from local professionals to talk about what they do and how they got there. It includes people in health sciences, public safety, and technology.

Counselors say starting this early with kids helps them get a step ahead.

“If they can find out early on in 8th grade kind of what direction might be a good fit for them, then we can help guide them into taking appropriate classes in high school and for them to further explore it and find out if its a good fit for them,” said Logan Middle School Counselor Lisa Buley.

About 1,400 students participated in the event.