Announcer has best seat in the house

He's been perched overlooking WIAA Track and Field Meet for 25 years

Randall Pickering has been the voice over the loud speaker at the Wisconsin State Track and Field Meet for 25 years, the same year the event moved to UW-La Crosse.

Since taking over the microphone, he’s noticed one major perk about his job: the view.

“I get the best seat in the house, I’ve got the opportunity to look across, well first of all you start with the backdrop here in La Crosse, an absolutely phenomenal scenic beauty, a natural beauty, and then I get a chance to look down across all the different field events going on, all the running events,” said Pickering

Pickering has been helping at State Track and Field for 44 years. “I go to the football championship, the basketball championships, the hockey championships,” said Pickering, “and they’re all magic in and of themselves, but there’s nothing that tops sort of the sort of enormity of what this meet brings.”