‘Angel Eyes’: New Mayo cameras help couple’s international relatives see their newborn twins

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – A local couple is beginning their journey as parents.  A local hospital is helping the couple share the news with family more than 1,000 miles away.

There’s something about those first breaths of life that move the hearts of first-time parents. Douglas and Susann Siaumau are joining the parenting fraternity.

“At 34 weeks,” Douglas Siaumau said. “That’s how we ended up here.”

Doctors at Mayo Clinic Health System had to deliver a little earlier than expected.

“It was a little higher risk pregnancy because it was twins,” said Dr. Beth Wagner. “I was able to be here for the delivery and see her all the way through the pregnancy which was amazing.”

The twins were born about 6 weeks early. Doctors and nurses at Mayo Clinic Health System will monitor them closely here during these vulnerable moments of early life.

“There were no complications with the delivery itself. She’s doing really well,” Wagner said.

The Siaumau family is from a place several thousand miles from La Crosse.

“We are from the South Pacific from American Samoa,” Siaumau said. “We do have a lot of family on the west coast.”

However, their family was able to see the newest branches on their family tree.

“Family is very important,” Siaumau said.

Wagner said this is a special time for parents and their relatives.

“We often have many family members who end up in the postpartum rooms sharing the joy of a new baby,” Wagner said.

Their family didn’t have to come to La Crosse. New technology is taking care of that.

“Angel Eyes has been in the works for a few months,” said Taylar Schoh. “It is a 24/7 camera system.”

The cameras have the fitting name Angel Eye that live stream these youngsters so family and Mom and Dad can see the babies around the clock.

“They have a lot of aunts, uncles, grandma’s, even their first cousins are watching too,” Siaumau said.

Douglas said his mother in law is watching and offering a little back seat parenting.

“Even her mom was telling her to do certain things over Angel Eyes,” he said. “‘You should do this. You should do that.’ Got it mom.”

These watchful eyes are bringing peace of mind to two new parents.

“It helps gain trust in us as caregivers,” Schoh said. “They can always see what we are doing.”

This new technology is bringing relatives a thousand miles away, a little closer to this joy.

“It’s pretty cool,” Siaumau said. “It is very important to connect.”

Officials at Mayo Clinic Health System say this service is available to patients in La Crosse, Eau Claire and Mankato.