An update on the area’s road construction projects

Crews are busy working Highway 14/61, 53

Construction season is in full swing, and a couple of projects around the area are making traffic a little difficult for some drivers.

As many drivers know, Highway 53 by Exit 3 on Interstate 90 is undergoing a major project.

Workers are in full force along that stretch of road.

“Mainly just concrete pavement. We’re getting that finished up on the northbound lanes here,” said project manager Rob Winterton.

Beginning soon, traffic will be shifted.

“(We are a) few weeks away from shifting onto this new concrete as we pour the concrete on the southbound lanes,” Winterton said.

The new road is much higher than it was before. It’s all part of creating a new diamond interchange at Exit 3.

“The main reason why by the ramp areas is to get the ramps a little bit less severe slope and steepness for the ramps coming down,” Winterton said.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation warns that traffic patterns will continue to shift as the summer progresses.

“In a couple of weeks, we will be closing Palace Street, which is currently open, and when we close up Palace, we can open up Moore Street,” Winterton said.

Across the pike on Highway 14/61, work on the road that connects La Crosse and La Crescent will soon be complete.

“We’re now starting to put in the striping and the lines, and that’s a good sign that the project is almost done. Hopefully folks that use this and motorists use this roadway. Notice it’s a little smoother, and now it will keep it. The lifespan of the roadway will last a little bit longer,” said Minnesota Department of Transportation public affairs coordinator Anne Meyer.

Officials said the pavement will be much safer come this fall.

“New pavement is going to be there, and overall mobility of traffic is going to be increased,” Winterton said.

“They might not have to see us as often in terms of construction,” Meyer said.
The Exit 3 project also involves work on George Street.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation officials said the intersection by the old McDonald’s location will also be partially opening soon to allow traffic here into Bridgeview Plaza.

The Exit 3 project is expected to be complete in mid-November, while work on Highway 14/ 61 will be complete in a few weeks.