ALERT NIGHT: An Update On Severe Potential for Tonight’s Thunderstorms -Isabella Hulsizer

Tonight’s Storms

Tonight it will be possible for a few thunderstorms to ramp up and have the potential to be severe. If this happens, most likely the threats will be heavy rainfall, damaging winds and some hail. A lesser threat would be for an isolated tornado, but that really depends on if these storms can gain enough shear. Scattered storms are looking to likely last a couple of hours overnight, with the first ones firing off around 10 PM tonight. Have a way to receive alerts this evening and stay weather aware.

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Tomorrow’s Forecast 

It looks like Tuesday will be cooler and cloudy. Temperatures will be in the mid-70s once again with some breezier winds. It is possible for a few thunderstorms or showers to linger into tomorrow morning, but after they clear we’ll just have cloudy skies.