American Legion holds annual Slicing of the Golden Brat

This year's brat weighs 90 pounds and is over 6 feet long

The American Legion Post 52 held the 5th annual slicing of the Golden Brat Friday morning.

Weighing in 90 pounds and over 6 feet long the brat is a fundraiser to help support the legion’s programs such as children’s scholarships and Veterans Rehabilitation.

Starting out at 2.5 feet and 30 pounds the Golden Brat has been a growing tradition.

“This is a special event because it brings the community together, it lets people know that the American Legion is here and we’re here to support our community,” says David Johnson from the American Legion Post 52.

This year Mayor Tim Kabat and Judge Scott Horne did the honor of slicing the sausage with military swords.

“It feels great. I mean it’s nice we could have the festmaster down this year, it’s great to have the whole royal family here. It’s something new for us and we certainly appreciate it,” says Johnson.

The sausage is made by Bakalars and grilled on a special grill they created to fit the entire brat. The cooking begins at midnight the night before and takes about 5.5 hours to cook.

The brat feeds about 300 people.