Amazon offers ways to keep holiday deliveries a surprise

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – With so many people staying home for the holidays this year, it can be difficult to keep a gift being delivered a secret. Amazon is keeping the Christmas spirit alive by making sure your deliveries are kept secure, and a surprise.

There are a variety of ways to track, pick-up and deliver your packages this season.

One holiday feature includes map tracking, which gives customers the ability to see when their item is 10 stops away or less from their home, giving customers time to intercept the package without ruining a surprise.

However if you know being at home isn’t an option, or you’re still worried about spoiling the surprise, Amazon says a pick-up location may be your best option.

“I recommend, especially if you have children at home, and say you’re not working from home, to also consider shipping your packages to an Amazon hub location,” says Spokesperson for Amazon, Alyssa Bronikowski.”An Amazon hub location is our network of pick up points. So, customers or parents-in this case-can pick up their gift maybe while they’re coming home from work or maybe out running an errand.”

Amazon says it’s a good idea to order as soon as you can. They will be announcing their holiday shipping date cut-off soon.