Alma Center-Lincoln football taking 2020 in stride after adversity-filled 2019

Just a year ago, Alma Center-Lincoln football didn’t know they’d have a football program because of low numbers. They recruited just enough guys, and their passion and dedication got them to the playoffs for the first time since 2010.

This year, head coach Jeremy Hanson says the program has five more players compared to last year, and interest at younger levels continue to grow.

The ongoing pandemic makes every team’s season liable to being shut down at a moment’s notice, but because of what they went through last year, a 2020 season dictated by COVID-19 isn’t going to discourage this team.

“Going through last year and not knowing if we’re going to have football, and it was a week-to-week basis. I told the kids if we got below 16 we couldn’t do this because we couldn’t go 8 on 8 in practice to prep for a game,” Hanson said. “And there were some weeks where we thought we wouldn’t be able to play the next week because it looked like a kid was going to quit. And to the kids’ credit they still kept playing, but it was uncertain all the time, which is what you’re seeing this year. That uncertainty has actually paid off for us because we handle that adversity in stride now.”

The Hornets host McDonell tonight.