Allergy season off to early, strong start in La Crosse area

Tree pollens are high right now

There may be a few more sneezes around your house this time of year if you or a family member suffer from allergies.

The spring allergy season has gotten off to an early start in recent years because of some mild winters.

Doctors say people allergic to tree pollen are feeling the effects now, while those who are more allergic to grass pollen will start to feel the effects about a month from now.

If do you suffer from allergies, doctors say this year may be a rough season.

“It’s probably gonna be a bad spring because we’re having the spring start, we’ve had this warm weather early, the trees are the season that we’re in right now. So trees and mold, mold counts are starting to come up, tree counts have definitely been high,” said Gundersen Health System Allergist Dr. Todd Mahr.

Doctors recommend keeping your windows closed to keep pollen from getting in your home and showering before bed to wash any pollen out of your hair.