All 24 members of GundersenAIR flight team now fully certified

SPARTA, Wis. (WKBT) – GundersenAIR is taking off in a big way.

All 24 members of its flight team are fully med flight certified; something that doesn’t happen often in health care facilities because this kind of specialized training isn’t necessarily required.

But at Gundersen Health System, it’s an expectation.

“We look at this group as pretty elite. They are taking care of the sickest of sickest, they are independent in the helicopter, they don’t have physicians with them. So we have made the decision to require it because it holds them to the highest, most rigorous clinic care standards, safety, and efficiency,” said GundersenAIR director Stephanie Hill.

Flight nurses and paramedics must complete this certification within the first two years on the job.

Gundersen Air takes flight more than 700 times a year.

Hill said 70% of them are transporting patients from smaller hospitals to bigger hospitals, and 30% of patients are from emergencies like car crashes.

GundersenAIR has helicopters based in Sparta and Decorah.