Aggresive ticks showing up in Wisconsin

A different tick is increasing its presence Wisconsin and is ready to strike.

The Lonestar tick can trigger a disease causing fever and fatigue.

Health officials say it has infected one person north of Eau Claire.

Similar to deer ticks, the Lonestar tick likes to live in dense, wooded areas. The major difference between the two is how aggressive the new one is. “Your standard deer tick will stand on a blade of grass and wait for you to walk by. The Lonestar Tick can sense chemicals, the CO2 we’re emitting, and will actually run and chase us,” said La Crosse Co. Vector Control Manager Tessa Whitemarsh.

If you think you’ve been bitten by a tick, Whitemarsh recommends seeing a doctor. And if it’s possible, try to save the tick for the county to examine.