After cancelled season, two UW-La Crosse soccer players serve as coaches for La Crescent

LA CRESCENT, Wis. (WKBT)-Normally, this field is getting ready for UWL Women’s Soccer, but few things are normal during a pandemic. While the lights are off on campus, they’re on in La Crescent.

So, if there’s soccer being played, these two will find away to be there.

“It’s definitely just great being around the game.”

Cami Daily and Lizzy Eggers are Sophomores on the UWL Soccer team, who were sidelined due to the pandemic.

“I first thought it would be a long spring break,” said Eggers.

That was until they ran into coach Jake Smith.

“We started going to his church here and he knew that our season was canceled,” explained Daily.

“I think I gave them 2 days to grieve and then I asked,” recalled Coach Smith.

Smith wanted them to joint he team as assistant coaches, and they were happy to accept.

Normally they help the team out with drills, but their biggest contribution can be heard from the stands.

“We’re personal hype men,” joked Eggers.

“This is a tough time and high school’s tough so we want this to be demanding and challenging but also fun, and they do a great job adding that,” explained Smith.

The two have enjoyed their time on the team, so much that they may not leave when it’s time to return to the field.

“If not as a coach, I want to come to the games and support the team all the time,” said Eggers.

Because these two turned a setback into a chance to make friendships that will last a lot longer than a pandemic.