After a cool and foggy start, we’re in for a warm up tomorrow! -Isabella Hulsizer

Cool & Foggy 

This morning started out pretty brisk, with many of our northern communities dipping to the 30s! Further south, our temperatures stayed in the 40s but that’s still on the chilly side. We also had some patchy fog overnight into early this morning. It made it almost impossible to see outside of CityCam 8.

Lows This Morning  Citycam 1 Time Lapse

Tonight’s Forecast

Tonight we’ll dip to the 60s, with mostly clear skies. We’ll have a light breeze and the potential for a little bit of patchy fog again.

2020 Evening 8 To 8

Tomorrow’s Forecast 

Tomorrow will be a great day for outdoor activities! Temperatures will increase to the upper 80s with some breezy winds.

Boating Forecast