African delegation visits La Crosse

Delegate from Cameroon exchange ideas with city officials

An African delegation is touring our city, learning about business, government and healthcare.

City and religious leaders from our sister city Kumbo will be in La Crosse for the next nine days. The visit is organized by the city’s International Committee.

The delegation will make a number of stops around the community, like at Gundersen Health System Tuesday.

A member of Kumbo’s government is hoping to exchange ideas with La Crosse officials. “Where the two council’s can strengthen their cooperation, social, economic and cultrual, those are some of the domains where we have to prosper and see how they can strengthen their cooperation,” said Nzeki Theophile, a member of the Kumbo Delegation.

The delegation is expecting some La Crosse people to visit their city in December, during one of their largest cultural celebrations.