Advocates for legalizing marijuana in Wisconsin rally in La Crosse

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- Advocates for legalizing marijuana in Wisconsin came together Tuesday in La Crosse to rally support for cannabis reform.

The issue is currently being debated in the state budget process.

Organizers from Citizen Action Wisconsin, Leaders Igniting Transformation, and Tree Huggers Co-op came together to talk about what they say is the positive impact legalization would have for small farmers and rural communities in the region.

La Crosse County’s board chair says other states are benefiting from regulating the sale of marijuana while Wisconsin falls further behind.

“It makes no sense for us to be an island with other states surrounding us. Wisconsinites are flocking to other states with marijuana tourism, they’re buying the product anyway. They should be buying it from Wisconsin growers and Wisconsin businesses,” said Monica Kruse.

She says the state should regulate marijuana and tax it much like alcohol.

So far, Republican leaders in the state legislature have rejected calls for marijuana legalization.