Activist group, La Crosse tenants stand up for their right to fair, affordable housing

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – A local activist group is empowering La Crosse tenants to stand up for their right to fair and affordable housing.

Coulee Tenants United and River City Rentals tenants protested outside the business’s office Monday in response to how the landlord handled a recent situation.

According to the group, the father of a tenant who died in one of River City’s properties was not allowed to retrieve his son’s belongings.

Activists said Monday this is one example of indecency and disrespect some landlords have toward their tenants.

“It’s really a particularly egregious and immoral example of landlords treating people with no respect. Even if it isn’t illegal, it’s clearly an unforgivable and despicable decision to throw someone’s things out like that with no care to their family,” said Peter Gorski, Coulee Tenants United chair.

The group is advocating for several changes in the rental system at the county and local levels.

These include conducting better property inspections, enforcing a clear and easy-to-understand rent abatement program, right to counsel, and making eviction records private to prevent discrimination.

News 8 Now did contact River City Rentals Monday about the protest, but they have yet to respond.

If you are a tenant wanting to file a complaint about your landlord, you can visit the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection website.

The City of La Crosse also has resources for tenants and landlords on its website.