Accidents down on Losey Bvld after speed limit lowered in 2017

“The speed limit has possibly played a role in the reductions for crashes, but I also think overall people are probably paying closer attention to their driving,” explained Sgt. Tom Walsh of the La Crosse Police.

Since the city lowered the speed limit on Losey Boulevard in 2017, accidents on that street went down by nearly 20 accidents per year.

“We all live in neighborhoods and Losey Boulevard is a neighborhood. Here we have people who live on this street and ultimately they asked for this lower speed limit because it’s a quality of life issue for the neighborhood,” added Walsh.

Gerald Miller has been living near Losey since 1994.

“We get a lot of traffic on this road.”

“People have a chance to get across the street now, a pedestrian that is. It’s a little better because they’re not going 40, they’re only going 25 or 30.”

Gerald noticed an immediate difference once the speed limit changed.

“I noticed traffic slowed down some.”

What did the police do to slow traffic down?

“It all goes down to when we start talking about those rapid beacons for center, you start talking about the digital displays for the speed and the over all enforcement out here from law enforcement,” elaborated Walsh.

And while there still will be some that just drive too fast.

“We won’t be able to fully eliminate that violation,” explained Walsh.

This resident is happy with things a little slower by his home.

“It’s better for everybody,” said Miller.

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