Abnormally Warm Highs Today, Enjoy the 50°F Temps! -Isabella Hulsizer

Even Warmer Than Yesterday… 

Temperatures today topped the 50s in communities across the region. Many of us are up about 5 to 10 degrees since yesterday. This is the last of our warm streak though.. temperatures quickly drop tonight as winds shift from the northwest, bringing chilly air in.

2020 Dma Temp Change

Tonight’s Forecast 

Cooler air paired with light cloud cover will keep temperatures in the 20s. Winds remain gusty.

2020 Evening 8 To 8

Thanksgiving Forecast 

Your holiday is looking chilly, with temperatures only reaching a high of 29. Winds will be gusty in the morning. We’ll have passing clouds as well.

2020 Next Day 8 To 8