A log rolling tournament hopes to inspire a new generation of rollers

The 2nd annual Summer Splash was held Saturday morning at the Holmen Aquatic Center.

The event was started by Holmen High School student and log rolling instructor Livi Pappadopoulos, who saw a need in a sports-scene she says in booming.

“I had a lot of kids who were doing a great job in class, but they were just starting, and they had to go up against kids who were really experienced with years under their belt. And they weren’t getting that confidence right off the bat, and I wanted to provide an opportunity for them, so they could get that confidence under their wing.”

23 rollers competed in three age groups in the growing tournament — up from the 16 competitors who joined last year’s tournament.

To find a log rolling teacher near you, you can visit www.couleeregionlogrolling.com.