A house divided by football

Winona family split on Vikings and Packers fans

For some Thursday night’s border battle hits a little close to home.

For the Czaplewski family, Sunday’s are usually spent in opposite rooms. One TV has the Packers game, another has the Vikings.

Zach Czaplewski and Lindsay Czaplewski root for different teams and are now trying to get their two daughters to root for their team.

The couple met in college and knew right away football might get in their way.

“When we first started even talking to each other, before we started dating that was definitely a big turn off at first,” Lindsay Czaplewski said.

Zach Czaplewski is a die-hard Packers fan.

Lindsay Czaplewski a life long Vikings fan.

“When we got married my family was like, ‘Woah, you’re marrying a Packers fan?’ I think his was the same way about marrying a Vikings fan,” Lindsay Czaplewski said.

After the birth of their first daughter both mom and dad tried pulling her to their sideline.

“I was pretty hopeful she’d be a Vikings fan,” Lindsay Czaplewski said.

But dad won.

Now Lindsay Czaplewski is trying desperately to get their youngest daughter cheering for the Vikings.

“Someone had gifted us a toddler-size Packers jersey that (Harper) wore once when I wasn’t around, that he found, but now it’s hidden, mysteriously lost/hidden so that she’ll never wear it again,” Lindsay laughs.

“They make more, they make more,” Zach adds.

The couple says they keep things civil and don’t have any bets on the game.

Five-year-old Jordyn Czaplewski said her favorite player is Aaron Rodgers. She even invited him to her last birthday party.