A “first look” at La Crosse’s newest theater

La Crosse’s newest theater has its first performance later this week.

Friday is “curtain’s up” for “Macbeth” at the new Weber Center for the Performing Arts.

The theater held an open house Sunday so people could get their first look at the $8 million facility.

The Weber Center will be home to the La Crosse Community Theatre, and some of Viterbo University’s performances as well.

Public feedback is positive so far.

“It just feels open,” says David Kilpatrick of the Weber Center, “We had 450 people Saturday night in the lobby and you could still move, you could still get around, you could still function.  That was a gift we’ve given to the community, and when you go in and take a seat and you see the view and your seats are comfortable, you’ve got leg room, it’s just a real blessing and we’re just excited to be able to share it.”

The Weber Center is on Front Street, across from the Pump House Regional Arts Center.  It’s also near several restaurants.

Some envision the area as an arts district with huge economic potential.


“The way the area’s been growing and with the addition of the Performing Arts Center, it’s just going to be fantastic bringing folks in from all over the region, not just La Crosse, but all over, come down here for some excellent performances and hopefully come over to Piggy’s,” says the owner of “Piggy’s,” Chef Chris Roderique.

“Macbeth” opens at the Weber Center on January 25th.