95th Assembly candidates trying to get message to voters

LA CROSSE, Wis. — With the election for Wisconsin’s 95th assembly seat now just a few weeks away, candidates are out trying to get their messages across to voters.

The race is between Republican Dave Drewes and Democrat Jill Billings.  Billings emerged from a four-person primary a few weeks ago and says her eight-years on the La Crosse County Board gave her the experience she needs to be successful in Madison.  “We’ve kept our fiscal house in order.  I’ve voted on eight balanced budgets.  We have an excellent bond rating.  We’re still the fifth-lowest taxing county of 72 counties, and I’ve been part of good government,” says Billings.

The 95th district is historically democratic.  Billings’ opponent says he was a democrat until about 20 years ago and that the party is not the same now as it was then.


Drewes says his message is the same as it was before saying he wants to represent the taxpayers with common sense.

I understand how government works, and that we’ve got to control government.  Good government is necessary, we need schools, we need police protection, we need roads, but not some other things.  And It’s just been expanded much too big,” says Drewes.

The general election is on November 8th.