90-year-old La Crosse woman prepares special gift for family

At almost 91 years old, Bev Bjergum can teach us all a few lessons.

“Don’t hesitate to help one another.”

Besides her wise reminders on good karma, she’s got a sense of humor.

“When she suggested it I thought she was kind of crazy.”

That’s Bev referring to her reaction when she was asked to write a song.

Mayo Clinic Music Therapist Fran Felton, has been seeing Bev for the last four months.

“We utilize live music in order to help with pain management, anxiety management.”

She’s using music to help Bev deal with heart failure.

One song in particular, is one Bev knows especially well.

“She has written a verse for every person who is important to her in her life,” Felton said.

Although she didn’t think it was possible, Bev wrote a song for her loved ones to hopefully keep singing when she no longer can’t.

“I did do one sentence of the song before we even sat down.”

Her niece Gery has been with her through the song-writing process.

“I love being able to do this with her.”

But before all the lyrics, a failing heart and time spent in assisted living, Gery says there are years of memories with her aunt Bev.

“You just can’t get mad at her you know, you just can’t, she’s just a caring, loving person and she gave me a lot of support when I was younger, she has a really special place in my heart.”

The music has helped them both re-live special moments in their lives.

“This gives Bev and Geri both an opportunity to really reconnect over this process and it gives Bev an opportunity to tell her story,” Felton said.

And while her heart is giving out, Bev’s love is the kind that keeps on giving–that’s what she’s hoping her song will do.

“Just think that I’ll be able to leave something behind for my friends and family,” she said.