77-year-old Onalaska man gambled away embezzled money

Former Onalaska Historical Society president embezzled more than $50,000

77-year-old Ward Keil of Onalaska was charged with embezzlement and sentenced to 5 years probation Wednesday after stealing more than $50,000 from the Onalaska Historical Society.

Keil was the current president at the time and the acting treasurer until March 2015. It was noticed when the new treasurer took over the position there was almost no money in the society’s checking account.

When he was confronted about the discrepancies, Keil admitted he had gambled all the money away.

The charges may be reduced if Keil pays back the amount in full and fulfills all of his probation obligations.

Keil will also be put on electronic monitoring for 6 months starting October 9th due to disobeying court order to stay away from the society’s office. Keil entered the Historical Society after he had not received his monthly newsletter.