5th-year Viterbo volleyball seniors call extra year ‘too good to pass up’

Viterbo volleyball has reached national semifinals three out of the last four years, the exception being last year’s early round exit.

The 2020 season just never sat well with the senior class, and it’s why Maya Roberts, Miah Garant and Katie Frohmader all decided to use the extra COVID year to become fifth-year super seniors this fall.
Those three have been playing together even before college. Along with redshirt senior Lauryn Sobasky, they all feel there’s unfinished business before they can leave.

“Just because of how we finished last year, we knew we had unfinished business,” Sobasky said. “The thought that we wanted to end together was always there.”

“It was a pretty rocky process figuring out are we going to come back, are we not going to come back?” right side hitter Maya Roberts said. “I think at the end of the day we all thought, for ourselves individually and for this team, that this is an opportunity you just don’t pass up.”

“It really is a family atmosphere, so giving that up and wiping everything away and starting new was something I wasn’t quiet ready to give up yet,” outside hitter Katie Frohmader said. “This is the year we can take that final step when we’re all healthy. We have a lot of good freshmen and underclassmen also back, so it really finally felt like a complete unit.”

The team resumes conference play at Dickinson State tomorrow.