5th annual Building Bricks for Hope LEGO building contest held Saturday

On Saturday, children competed in a LEGO building contest for a good cause.

The Family and Children’s Center held its fifth annual Building Bricks for Hope, LEGO building contest. The contest was held at Valley-View Mall and proceeds went to benefit the Hope Academy and their mission to provide services for school-aged parents and their children.

Organizers say programs like Hope Academy are great for young parents and their children.

“Being a teen parent, there’s all sorts of additional challenges that you’re facing. You’re trying not only to be a teen but you’re also trying to be a mom, and one of the goals for Hope Academy is to make sure that we have our girls firmly rooted in the world being a mom,” said director of development at the Family and Children’s Center Jamie Korn.

Participants in the contest ranged from 4 to 12 years old.