40K donated to ‘Cardinal Manufacturing’ for Elev-Strum School District

How the district is using the money...

A nearly $40,000 donation is helping to make sure students in our area are getting a head start in the manufacturing field.

Cardinal Manufacturing began in 2007, where Tech Ed Instructor Craig Cegielski kick-started a program for Eleva-Strum High school students to learn more about careers in manufacturing, and build job-skills for the future.

As the program continues to gain popularity, Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. presented a check for $39,900 on Tuesday to assist the district in hiring another instructor for the program.

The district says this money will allow Cardinal Manufacturing to expand and provide even more opportunities for students.

“Having that second person just to give students more one-on-one time, more help, overall the whole program is just going to benefit and grow because of it,” said Cegielski.

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