4 Peregrine Falcons born on top of US Bank in La Crosse

Four Peregrine Falcons were born on top of the US Bank building in downtown La Crosse.

On Thursday, the Wisconsin DNR and the Raptor Resource Project banded the babies.

“By banding them, we’re determining how far they go off to breed and we’re learning about where, how far the males go, how far the females go. It’s kind of a fingerprint of this founding population,” said Raptor Resource Project Director Bob Anderson.

A nesting box was placed on top of the US Bank building about nine years ago. Last year, three baby falcons were born on the roof of the building.

“Four babies out of four eggs, that’s huge,” Anderson said with a smile.

When the falcons were banded, they looked stressed, but Anderson said that was normal for the situation.

“It’s almost like having an eagle coming to town. The parents get really upset, drive it away and everything returns to normal. Banding them is almost like that. We banded them. They’re upset for 20 or 30 minutes. They’re back in the box and life is normal. They’ll never be touched again,” Anderson said.

The downy feathers will be replaced in three-to-five weeks and they can live up to 15 years.

Anderson said Peregrine Falcons are “nature’s top gun. They’ve been clocked at speeds of just under 300 mph. They can streak across the sky at 80-90 mph level flight and dive at unbelievable speeds.”

Anderson emphasized that the Peregrine Falcon was on the brink of extinction a few years ago and thousands of people worked together to bring it back to America.

“It’s a true conservation success story,” Anderson said.

4 Peregrine Falcons born on top of US Bank in La Crosse 4 Peregrine Falcons born on top of US Bank in La Crosse