3 arrested after early-morning stabbing in downtown La Crosse

Three men have been arrested after an early-morning stabbing in downtown La Crosse, police said.

La Crosse police received a call at 12:28 a.m. regarding a fight in progress at 100 South 3rd St. The report said one person was unconscious in the road and another man was stabbed.

According to authorities, Luke C. Morrissey, 24, and Adam C. Aldrich, 34, were removed from a downtown establishment, Carlie’s, by bar staff for fighting with patrons. Once outside, both suspects allegedly were involved in a fight with others. Morrissey threatened and then stabbed a man in the head three times with a knife, police said. Others retaliated and Morrissey was rendered unconscious after being kicked in the head several times.

Charges are pending for Morrissey of reckless endangering safety and aggravated battery, and Aldrich is being charged with disorderly conduct with a third individual being arrested for an unrelated warrant, the report said.

The stabbing victim was treated and released from a hospital.

**To be clear, the stabbing suspect is NOT the same Luke (Lucas) Morrissey that is currently the Assistant Girls’ Basketball Coach at Aquinas High School.

Here is video from downtown SafeCam: