22nd annual River Clean Up kicks off

We’re still waiting for the water levels to recede a bit, but area volunteers are already out in full force to ensure we have beautiful banks and beaches this year.

Saturday marked the 22nd annual Mississippi River Clean Up. Families and community members volunteered to clear La Crosse’s riverside banks of trash and debris. Goose Island, Copeland Park and Funk Landing are just a few of the clean-up sites where volunteers spent their morning.

Organizers say the event doesn’t just help clean up our community – it helps set a standard for others to live by.

“Most importantly, it just really impacts the moral of the people using the river,” said Anthony Larson, one of the organizers. “If you see trash everywhere, where’s your incentive to want to take care of it? When we have these big river clean ups, it really helps to incite good moral and invite guests to come and visit us more.”

Dumpsters will also be present at many of these sites to encourage people to clean up their areas.