2018: Year in review for La Crosse County

From PRAT to record voter, turnout a lot has happened in La Crosse County in 2018.

News 8’s Scott Behrens sat down with La Crosse County Board of Supervisors Chair Tara Johnson to look back at some of the county’s biggest accomplishments of the year


Q: What were some changes in the county in 2018?

A: “We had record number in the November election. Voter turnout was 85 percent and we had transportation referendum questions on that ballot so that was very big news in 2018.”

Q: Was there any project you look back on that you’re proud of?

A: “No other county took on referendum questions like this, in the innovative way that we did having four yes or no questions on the ballot. And the voters got themselves educated and informed, came to our informational sessions and really with a very clear voice told us what their opinion is on how we pay for roads.”

Q: What happened with PRAT this year and how will it move forward now?

A: “What happened with PRAT is that it was on the ballot and 68 percent of the voters in a record turnout election said that they want us to pursue a waiver on the state. So next step is January get that legislation into the cycle seeking the waiver to put in the PRAT here in La Crosse County. And then hopefully get it through the legislative process and to governor elect Evers desk for signature.”

Q: Was there something you worked on this year that you were hoping for a different outcome?

A: “I think 2018 was another year of La Crosse County and our municipalities advocating at the state level for more funding and we didn’t get it. But that’s been true for the last many years.”

Q: Anything that really surprised you in 2018?

A: “I was pleased that 77 percent of voters in a record election for turnout said, ‘We need to spend more money on roads. We’re okay with that at the local level.’ That was a big margin way bigger than I expected.”

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