2017 top baby names

Gundersen Health System delivered 1,544 babies so far in 2017, the same as 2016. This year’s deliveries include 785 boys, 759 girls, 32 sets of twins and one set of triplets.

Mayo Clinic Health System Franciscan Healthcare delivered 853 babies this year, up 4% from 2016. 15 sets of twins were delivered and just one set of triplets at Mayo Clinic Health System.

The most popular name choices for Mayo Clinic Health System in 2017 include:

Girls: 1. Emma; 2.Adalynn, Amelia, and Olivia; 5. Evelyn (multiple spellings) and Scarlett; 7. Reagan, Mia, Lillian, and Keira; 11. Madison.

Boys: 1. Henry; 2. Wyatt; 3. William; 4. Leo, Liam, and Greyson; 7. Everett, Tucker, and Aiden

While some parents choose popular names, others decided to select names that were unique, or that might have cultural, family significance or totally different spelling. Among the girls’ names are: Blessing, Lennin (Lennon), Maebrie, Oaklynn, Rumi, Sunshine, and Zailey. Boys’ names include: Ayson, Fulton, Kai, Kyrie, Radin, Rawson, and Zedlin, according to Mayo.

The most popular name choices for Gundersen newborns in 2017 include:

Girls: 1. Nora; 2. Evelyn and Harper (tie); 4. Charlotte; 5. Ava, Paisley and Kinsley (tie); 8. Olivia, Emma and Stella (Tie).

Boys: 1. Jackson (multiple spellings) and William (tie); 3. Logan and Henry (tie); 5. Jameson and Wyatt; 7. Lincoln; 8. Mason, Maverick, Emmett and Grayson (tie).