2017 Oktoberfest button design unveiled

"Prost to the Midwest Coast" theme for 2017

It might be hard to think about fall when it feels like spring hasn’t even started yet, but Oktoberfest officials are hoping to change that.

The 2017 Oktoberfest button design was unveiled earlier today at the fourth annual “Forks and Corks” fundraiser.

This year’s button features the phrase “Prost to the Midwest Coast,” with a character giving a toast in traditional Oktoberfest garb.

“Prost in German means cheers, so I figured having a figure giving a cheer would be an appropriate image,” said button design contest winner David Riel. “I wanted to give it a bit of an old school feel, so I gave him an antique stein and traditional German lederhosen and hat.”

This year’s Oktoberfest only a little more than six months away. The 57th annual Fest will begin on September 28th.