2016 Football Preview: Luther Knights

The Luther Knights are looking to have a bounce back season.   

The team didn’t register a win in 2015, but things appear to be looking up.  Matt Schiebel steps in as the new head coach and 6 starters return on both sides of the ball.

This year’s Knights also bring a lot of speed to the field, which they’re hoping can help get them back in the thick of the Coulee Conference.

“Our speed in the skills positions: in the wide receiver and running back, is going to open up the field and create a lot of options to just move the ball around,” said senior Daniel Walsh.

Players also talking about the importance speed has on the field while playing bigger teams.

“Going against another team might have more size, but if we’re faster than that it will help us make up if we don’t have as much size,” said senior John Wehrs.

“Football needs speed. Speed kills. Having wide receivers blow past guys and stuff like that opens up options for the quarterback to just throw the ball down field and get big plays,” said Walsh.