2015 Oktoberfest button design revealed

This year's theme is "Celebrating the Fest Time of Year."

It’s still months away, but Oktoberfest wouldn’t happen without its famous button.

The public got a first look at the 2015 button design Thursday night at the Forks and Corks’ fundraising event for the Gemutlichkeit Foundation.

The theme of this year’s Oktoberfest is “Celebrating the Fest Time of Year.”

Anne Garrity was the artist behind this year’s design.

Her inspiration came from the first thing she notices when walking into the fest grounds.

“You know when you’re at Oktoberfest, when you walk into the south side fest grounds and you see the white chalet. I mean everybody who comes to Oktoberfest that is the first thing they see for Oktoberfest,” said Garrity.

Her design was chosen out of more than 60 entries.