2014 Festmaster: Scott Horne

Announcement made at Festmaster's Ball Friday night

La Crosse County Judge Scott Horne has been named the 2014 Festmaster.

The announcement was made during the annual Festmaster’s Ball Friday night at the La Crosse Center, but two of his friends told him the news in late March at Sloopy’s.

“They said, ‘Come on, sit down’ and proceeded to spring it. You know, they don’t beat around the bush. They get right to the point,” Horne said. “Came back and had a conversation with Sue. She’s from the north side, so of course she was all for it.”

Horne moved to La Crosse in 1979 as a young attorney and started his legal career as a law clerk. His wife Sue was born and raised in La Crosse.

“We’ve attended the Festmaster’s Ball, the parade, many of the events. One of our favorites has always been heritage night,” Scott Horne said.

“I’ve been going to the parade my entire life with family and friends,” Sue said. “I marched in the parade. My nieces and nephews have marched in the parade. My son has marched in the parade. We’ve attended the parades, so it’s always been about family, fun and community so I’m excited.”

Scott said two of his friends asked about a year ago if it was okay if they nominated him and his wife to be Festmaster and Frau. They agreed, but weren’t sure if people in elected positions could be nominated.

Scott and Sue said they’re looking forward to their year-long commitment representing the community.

[2013 Festmaster] Dave Ring and his family – they’ve been turbo charged and they’ve set the bar and we’re ready to meet it,” Scott said. “I know they’ve done a lot throughout the course of the year and we’re looking forward to following in that tradition and in those footsteps.”