2 World War II veterans reunite in La Crosse

Both served in same platoon during World War II

The weekend brought two World War II Veterans back together for a reunion.

World War II veteran Harold Bartig of Wisconsin and Blas Lopez of Texas met up in La Crosse this week.

Bartig served as a sergeant in charge of a 40-man platoon in both Europe and Japan, while Lopez served within the platoon.

Lopez decided to make the trip up with his daughter to visit his old friend.

In the past, they met up every so often for reunions. They say sharing their stories, keeps the memory of World War II alive.

“He came up with that he would like to see me as a Sargent at the end,” Bartig said. “It is getting close to the end for the both of us.”

“We’ve got a lot of stories to recollect, and bring back the memories,” Lopez said.
Both Veterans said it’s always great to remember the stories of serving together.