2 arrested for stolen property, drugs after confrontation with police

Police took two suspects into custody after a confrontation with police in Jackson County on Monday.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office arrived with a search warrant for a stolen car in Alma when Juan Gabriel Aguilar, 44, pointed a rifle out of a window at the officers.

Police surrounded the house while negotiating for about an hour with Aguilar, who was repeatedly threatening to shoot the officers. During the negotiations, law enforcement learned there was a woman and a small child also inside the house.

Aguilar eventually walked out of the house, holding the small child in his arms to shield himself from law enforcement. He continued challenging the officers and charged at them.

After more negotiations, Aguilar released the child and officers were able to take him into custody.

Police found the stolen vehicle they were looking for, as well as firearms, and drug paraphernalia.

Aguilar was charged with use of a dangerous weapon, obstructing an officer, child neglect, receiving stolen property, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Jolene L. Gadbois, 30, was also taken into custody and charged with obstructing and officer and child neglect.