18 month study will address needs of local watersheds

watershedCOON VALLEY, Wis. (WKBT) – People affected by flooding are learning about the potential future of local watersheds.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service is preparing for an 18-month study.

It will look at Coon Creek and West Fork Kickapoo watersheds, and assess the 5 dams that failed in the 2016 flood.

As of now, those dams have been stabilized but are in breached conditions.

Engineers will decide if they will repair, replace, or decommission those dams.

Their goal is to come up with a plan for flood reduction and prevention over the next 50 years.

After the 2016 floods, La Crosse, Monroe, and Vernon counties requested assistance from the NRCS.

The NRCS was able to get about $1.67 million federal dollars through the Watershed Flood Prevention Operations Program to fund the planning efforts.

The project is in its early stages and will take about three to five years to complete.