14 cases of coronavirus now confirmed in La Crosse County

Two individuals in La Crosse County have recovered

There are now 14 confirmed cases of coronavirus in La Crosse County.

Of these cases, so far two have recovered.

At least one of the new cases today is from community spread.

The public health nursing manager talked about the investigation process to track the virus once a new case is identified.

“Then we talk about where the individual has been and what would constitute a close contact with other people. And what that means is that somebody has been within 6 feet of another person for an extended period of time or would have had direct contact with secretions from their body. So that’s saliva or blood things like that. We identify any people we think could be at risk and we try to be as inclusive as possible when we review that information,” said Jacuie Cutts, La Crosse County Public Health Nursing Manager.

Health officials also wanted volunteers to know that more information is coming on how to make them.

Information is also coming about how they will be distributed.

Those people will be notified by e-mail.

There will also be information about it on the departments Facebook page and website.