1,000 career points just the beginning for Winona State’s Kevion Taylor


WINONA, Minn (WKBT)–It’s 20 minutes before practice starts at Winona State, but for junior Kevion Taylor, it’s already started.

“My Dad always tells me you gotta get a little work in before practice, after practice, whenever you can,” Taylor said.

That’s advice that’s paid off.

“Got a my college paid for…got a thousand points,” Taylor said.

Kevion scored his 1,000th point in an overtime win against Upper Iowa in December.

“It was a special moment, really quick,” he said. “I didn’t think it would be this soon.”

Plenty of his points come from behind the arc, where he’s scored 129 points so far this season, but head coach Todd Eisner wants to add more tools to Taylor’s game.

“We really want to focus his back to the basket game,” Eisner said. “He’s got a really good skillset there but he doesn’t always want to go there and produce that close to the rim.”

“Instead of shooting 8-12 threes a game…get in there and bang a little bit.”

“Once he can get that total package together. He’s going to be even more difficult cover for the teams we face in the season.”

In order to be that total package, Coach expects to see Taylor practice even harder.

“Guys who spend the most time in the gym are the ones who have the most production.”

Which means he’ll continue to expect seeing Taylor getting work in before and after practice. Because he has goals bigger than a thousand.

“2,000 would be nice,” Taylor said with a smile. “I’d be fine with that.”

Taylor leads his team with 18.3 points per game. The Warriors next play at MSU-Moorhead on Friday.