100 million pounds of e-waste recycled in Wis.

Wisconsin officials say more than 100 million pounds of electronic waste has been collected since the state began an e-waste recycling program three years ago.

The Department of Natural Resources program, called E-Cycle Wisconsin, bans many consumer electronics from landfills and incinerators. The DNR’s latest household survey shows Wisconsin residents own about 7 million televisions, or about three per household. TVs are at the top of the list of electronic waste. More than 24 million pounds of old TVs were collected in Wisconsin in the year ending June 30, 2012.

With spring cleaning underway at many households, the DNR is urging residents to take advantage of more than 400 registered collection sites across the state. The Eau Claire Leader-Telegram says the federal Environmental Protection Agency estimates 438 million new consumer electronics were sold in 2009.