10-year-old calls 911 over math problem

A Colorado 10-year-old recently called 911 because he needed urgent help — with math.

The child was under attack by long division, but operator Chris Clow was there to help.

“Some people have grown to think that 911 is a catch all for ‘I need help with something; I don’t know who to call,'” Clow said.

The child wanted to know what 71 divided by 3,052 was.

“I don’t generally have a calculator ready to go,” he laughed.

After figuring out that the caller had the question backwards (3,052 divided by 71), Clow helped him calculate the answer, which can be rounded up to 43.

While homework woes are no reason to call 911, Clow said he was happy to help. “It’s important to give them that service whenever we can,” he said.

Police remind people that 911 should only be used for real emergencies, and students can reach out to school resource officers for help with homework.