A Missouri woman is upset about a license plate she was issued last week.

It reads "WH0R8X."

Deb Levy told KTVI it looks like an "offensive" word used to demean woman.

"Who would want to drive around with that word on the back of their car?" she said.

While it is missing an "e," Levy said most people who look at it see a dirty word.

When she complained, she was told she would have to pay $17 if she wanted a new combination of numbers and letters.

"It is not about the money, but when I showed it to them they said it just said who," Levy said. "Can you spell?"

The Missouri Department of Revenue agreed to give her a new plate for free after KTVI called officials on Thursday.

Levy said she is happy to be getting a new plate, but until she gets it, she is driving with her expired one.

"I won't put that offensive plate on my car," she said. "My daughter drives this car."